I Won’t be there

And I won't be there to love you coz I'll be loving myself more than I love you.


Aquarior: Afraid not thy water

  I'm Uber in-love with water but water couldn't care less whether I drown or not. It's really fascinating how I can love something that I couldn't even fully enjoy with- the water and swimming. I love going to beaches and resort and play with water but unfortunately, I didn't know how to swim. (Oh … Continue reading Aquarior: Afraid not thy water

Estranghero Na Lang

Kung paanong ang dating araw-araw nap ag-uusap sa text at facebook ay biglang naging madalang, At kung paanong ang pagtawag mo sa pangalan ko Ay tila kantang wala sa tono, gitarang sintunado, Sa madaling salita mahal, di na ito espesyal. Hindi na ako espesyal dahil para sa’yo, ako’y estranghero na lang.

Inside the heart of an Unwanted Child

I may not be in your shoes nor feel the way you are feeling, but I want you to know that whatever happens, being happy is better than being desolated, right? So, get up, wipe your tears and live the life you have now. And always remember, being a family is not always about blood, sometimes, it’s about the connection you have that made you a family.