Gastronomic Desires

Food, a four letter word with different varieties and endless taste and smell. Just thinking about food makes my tummy cells to go Über loco for it is divine; it’s like a holy grail with miraculous power to ease someone’s mood. And thus, I always see to it that I sate my appetite to the fullest.

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I’m truly blessed to have a big appetite but I don’t gain a lot of weight. I am a fat kid trapped in a small body, and that for me is a blessing. Why? ‘Coz I can eat tons of food especially my favorite one i.e pizza, ice cream, french fries, tiny burger, shake, COFFEE, donuts, spaghetti, triple chocolate cake, blueberry cheesecake, and a lot more.

I have this “hangry” thing when the food is served a little too late. I kind of get angry when the food arrived too late or when the service is really slow. I don’t hate the waiters per se, they are just being annoying sometimes especially when they don’t serve the food on time. But I tend to forget that I’m mad whenever I see the food coming. The aroma of it that travels through my nostrils, the picture-perfect presentation of the mouth-watering food that is Instagramable, and of course, the delectable taste that is to die for. Every bite is like heaven. So, before I turn into a monster, I have to start devouring the food in front of me to sate my cravings.

Sometimes, I even forget that I’m in a relationship with a real person. I tend to be blown away of the overwhelming taste of the food that I feel that I was in a relationship with the food. Hahaha. Just kidding!



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