Fire is like love. It all starts with a tiny little match like love starts from a simple crush. Slowly, the fire grows like that of desire that is burning inside your heart. The warmth feeling it gives you when you’re cold like you feel when he hugs you so tight- you feel so secure. As it gets bigger and hotter, your first reaction is to run away from it. You are scared to get burn… burn just like when his skin touches yours, sending chills down your spine, making you feel nervous and uneasy, and a tingling sensation in the middle of your legs. But once this fire touches your skin, leaving a mark of your yesterday. A scar that will always remind you of your past, just like how you remember all your pains and heartaches.

You will soon realize that fire will no longer hurt you once it slowly dies. It can no longer hurt you like how you’ve been hurt before. The fire and the smoke will soon fade away in the sky, together with the love you felt before. You moved on. And fire, like love, can end and start again.



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