‘coz I love him

Yes, I do love him. He is the guy I’ve been waiting for all these years; the guy whom I’ve been praying for. The guy who doesn’t complete me, but rather complements me for I am already complete as a person.

And yes, he is an American and I am a Filipina,and I am not ashamed to shout it to the world that our love is pure and genuine.

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Some people gave me “that look” whenever they see us walking hand in hand in the streets, in the mall or inside a restaurant. “That look” that means “Oh, another Filipina who wants to fly in America and become an American citizen and have a green card to help her poor family.” Oh yes, he’s a foreigner but let me clear this once and for all. I am with him because I love him and not because I need his money to have a better life. *insert rolls eyes*

Everyone automatically have this kind thinking that I am after his money. First of all, I have my own money. I am currently working in a media company, supervising at least 6 accounting staffs, and earning a ┬ámonthly salary enough to provide for my family and my own needs, and that answers the first judgment that I need his money. I definitely don’t need a relationship if I need someone to finance my needs. I already can handle that myself.

Secondly, people think marrying him is my ticket to have a good-looking kids that I can market and send to showbiz. Hell no? I already came from a good looking family so I don’t need an American to give me a beautiful genes. But yes, his and mine will definitely results to a beautiful offsprings.

Furthermore, people think that having an American boyfriend is all about money and sex. I beg to disagree. Relationship is not all about money and sex. It’s all about deeper connection, intimacy without having sex and understanding without even uttering a single word. That’s how our relationship is. We don’t want to cross that limitation we have set to ourselves and regret later. (And I really love him for respecting my decision to do it on the night of our wedding day.)

Lastly, I chose to love him not because he is an American but because he is the guy whom I feel secure with, the one I feel comfortable and at peace. I love him because he has all the characteristics I’ve been looking for in a guy. He’s witty, funny, respectable and dignified. I love him coz I love him.

Love is even an understatement to express what I really feel for him.


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