Another Ordinary Love

Shine and Roel’s Love Story
By: Fridz Taller
09-24-2016 22:20

It was the 20th day of February when fate brought these two souls together and meet for the first time. It was dawn; her bag was packed with climbing tools and food for she’s about to climb another mountain that day. Her body was still half-asleep as she rode the jeepney to her first destination, but something terrible happened that woke her whole system. Her bag was snatched. “Oh, my goodness,” she exclaimed.

She asked herself, “Should I go and climb the peak or run after the snatcher?” And she chose the latter, not knowing that that will change her life forever.

She called for help, and thank God that all the barangay officials that time were so eager to catch the culprit. They looked in every corner of the street where the snatcher run off. She felt hopeless for the sun was about to rise but still, no trace of the man who snatched her bag.

But he was determined to catch the guy and to his surprised, he was there right in front of them – holding on under the vehicle. It’s all thanks to that ant that bit him.

He caught the culprit, but she stole his heart.

On that very moment, he said to himself, “She’s mine.” He didn’t let the opportunity just pass him by. He got her name and number from the police station and texted her.

And that was the start of a beautiful love story. They became textmates, and soon he formally courted her.

He was younger, and she’s a bit childish. She was holding back, but he’s taking all the risks. He gave all his best, and she accepted it. It was an unexpected love that fully blossomed on the 20th day of June.

It was love- pure, genuine love. They share the same dreams, same goals, and same future- to be in each others’ side. Thus, they fin’lly decided to tie the knot that surprised both their families and close friends.

For everyone, it was too short, but for them, it was just the right time. Love isn’t measure by the time you were together, but by how much love you have for each other. It is the right love at the right time.

My friend, Shine, asked me to write her love story for her upcoming wedding this coming October 22. I hope I gave justice to it.


2 thoughts on “Another Ordinary Love

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