Love in vain

I never thought I would be
This greedy of your love…
The love I thought was only mine.

You were the one for me,
That I am sure of… but
What are these tears for?

The distance that keep us apart
Was never an issue
It wasn’t, until now.

The miles that made us
Strong is now making me weak.
I am scared.

I am fucking scared
That this distance will
Slowly drift us apart.

I wasn’t like this before
Or maybe I wasn’t just in
Love like these before.


2 thoughts on “Love in vain

  1. Anime Love says:

    Boss parang alam ko ang ibig sabihin nito ah parang may hugot! ahihi
    I feel you boss, na assign ako ngayon sa malayo dahil sa work, LDR din ang
    peg pero umuuwi naman ako pag weekends para makasama sya. okay lang yan boss
    sometimes distance means to love harder kaya natural lang yung mga pag aalala sa
    mga bagay bagay. just be positive boss. šŸ˜€

    Liked by 1 person

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