Love Online

It wasn’t love at first sight, not even at double sight. There was no attraction at all (or so I think), but it was the best thing that ever happened to me after all.

I had a few short relationship before, but none of it was serious. I was young and immature way back then. I was single for almost eight years. Imagine that? But I wasn’t lonely, nor did I ever felt alone. I was enjoying my singleness in those long eight years. I got my diploma, worked in a decent company, travelled around Luzon, and supported my family financially. I wasn’t at the peak of my accounting career, but I was contented.

Sometimes, I would ask myself “Is something wrong with me?”, then I would automatically disregard the question. “Nothing’s wrong with me. Guys who cannot handle me are weak.” But a little voice inside my head would disagree with me.

But reaching my mid-twenties was a bit rough for me. I’ve been asked a lot of times for why am I still single. Women my age were already married with one or two kids, unlike me who is still single, not even in a relationship nor dating anyone. For them, my life was boring. I beg to disagree. I could go to places without somebody to check on me every single minute, who I was with, where I was, what time I would be back, and so on and so forth. I wouldn’t even mind whether I have prepaid load or not. I could wear anything I want, eat everything I crave for. I own my time, and that made it more convenient. Yes, I was happy with myself.

Like any other single women out there, I tried to meet a few people of the opposite sex. I dated some guys whom I met online but it didn’t work out. I also signed up to some dating apps to meet potential guys all over the world. I’ve met some decent guys but most of them were douchebags and perverts, and there was one crazy guy who couldn’t handle an honest remark. Geez. It was one hell of experience.

Having a few decent people on my list, one of them was this particular guy who told me that he was a baker. We seldom talk to each other, and most of the time, we only talk about food, animes and movies. We share a lot in common, but there was no sign of romantic interest at all. He even mentioned that he has no intention of going on a third world country. Hence, the relationship was purely foodtonic. (Yeah, it was all about food.) I even categorized him as my closest stranger -kind of close yet still stranger to one another. Hehehe!

But something happened along the way. It was as if the stars aligned imperfectly, making the sky as bright as it could; the flowers bloom in Autumn, as it gets chilly in Summer. He suddenly showed interest to me, asking me if we could step up our friendship to another level. I was a bit skeptical. “Why would someone who never had any intention of dating someone who lives miles away suddenly asked such thing? Why the sudden change of heart?” I uttered to myself, but I gave him the benefit of the doubt.

I said yes and soon, he started courting me in a non-traditional way (chatting, phone calls and video calls). Talking to each other every single day made us more closer, yet I didn’t expect him to be serious. But I was mistaken. He proved me wrong. He was definitely serious with his feelings that it made me fall for him. Yes, I fell for him, not because of his nationality. I was smitten by his perky personality. He has all the qualities I’ve been praying for to God, and that just blew me away. I was swept off of my feet.

I grasped for air. I am extremely happy that I couldn’t contain it. The friendship we have blossomed into love. It isn’t perfect, but absolutely true. God must made a joke for putting us exactly halfway around the world.

The love we have was perfectly cooked at the right time, baked with the right mix of trust, determination, care and love, and was crafted in the most unexpected place.

Wandering in the world of internet was kind of risky. But, signing up and being out there was all worth it.


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