Beating the heat at Pagbilao, Quezon Province, Philippines

“Sometimes, a break from your everyday routine is the very thing you need.”

Last Saturday, 16th of April year 2016, me and my friends (the whole Accounting Department plus one from Admin Department) travel to Pagbilao, Quezon Province -down south of Luzon, to take a break from the chaotic and noisy city of Metro Manila and breathe some breezy fresh air.


Boat ride from the end of the Power Plant to Kuebang Lampas (Php 25.00 for the boat (back and forth) + Php 80.00 for the entrance fee)

It was month of planning before we ended up choosing Kuebang Lampas which is located in the southern part of Luzon, in the province of Quezon. After researching about the place, we all agreed and everyone were excited for the trip for it was the very first time that we will all be travelling together. (Most of the time, we were just busy and intently working with our accounting works in the office.)

2 a.m was our call time but we ended up travelling around quarter to 3 a.m because of some hassles and delays but we still managed to arrived in the place just in time around 7:30 a.m. It was a long ride and our butts were already hurting, and we almost got lost while looking for the entrance of the place. (It was located at the end of the Hydro Power Plant in Pagbilao, Quezon where in we paid Php 80.00 for the entrance fee and Php 25.00 for the 5 minutes boat ride that sent us to the other side of the island and picked us up after.)

All the blog site I’ve read didn’t mention that there was another boat going to the main Kuebang Lampas, but because we wanted a little more adventure, carrying our backpacks, foods, cooler, and whatnot, we started walking into the woods where the boatmen told us to trek if we don’t want to pay for the boat. It was a ten to fifteen minutes of walking and trekking depending on how active you are. After a short period of time, we were all sweaty and tired, we arrived to the main place (Finally!). It was already jam-packed with tourists- all the cottages were rented and tents were scattered everywhere. (We rented a small tent for Php 300.00 to put all our belongings). We just laid a big mat on the ground and put all the food in the middle except for the cooler.








When everyone were settled and had changed to swimming gear, we headed and dipped to the crystal clear salty water. The white sand was partly fine and pebbly. (We headed to the cave and it was stony so were cautious while we went through to the outermost part of the cave.)


12998522_1283239058358199_601751214371754126_n     13062091_1283239181691520_8302034786025408653_n



After taking ton of photos in the cave, we went to the other side of the island where it was a little bit shady (Yes, we were too afraid to get burned by the sun. Hahaha)










And of course, we also took photos under water. It was a lot of fun as it wasn’t easy to get a perfect shot. But we did the best thing we could. Hehehe!



13043788_1283247185024053_2122054755549074123_n 13043322_1283247728357332_4052877054330414561_n 12993622_1283248535023918_1969996128691544172_n


After that, we went back to our place to rest and eaten our lunch. We had fried chicken, pork adobo  (pork stew), adobo chicken feet (chicken feet stew), hot dogs, rice, and Indian mangoes. After lunch, we rented a boat for Php 1,500.00 for two hours of island hopping.


Heading our way to Dampalitan Island

It was almost a forty five-minute boat ride to Dampalitan from Kuebang Lampas (also known as Puting Buhangin or White Sand Beach). I’ve been to Dampalitan way back 2012 with my high school friends so it wasn’t new to me, but still the view was still breath taking and serene. The white sand made it more attractive.



Dampalitan Island (Entrance fee is Php 80.00)

We didn’t have extra money with us except for the bills we had as payment for the island hopping so we didn’t get the chance to explore Dampalitan, but in exchanged, we had a chance to snorkel courtesy of Mr. Boatman who brought us in the middle of the ocean and let us swim for a couple of minutes.




















Next island that we went to was called Kambal na Bato (Twin Stones) for there were two big formation of rocks in the middle of the ocean. There were also a lot of sea urchins that you can find in there as well as oysters (talaba in Tagalog), and of course, corals and different kind of fish.


12990952_1283310755017696_7567936823201016319_n        13015283_1283311328350972_8679549379238383302_n1


Groupie at Kambal na Bato


After two hours of island hopping, we headed back to Kuebang Lampas to have our final time to play in the sea water before we rinsed off and prepare to leave. (By the way, one jag of clean water was Php 50.00). There was a store there where you can buy shampoo, conditioner, soap, alcoholic drinks but expect it to be expensive for they charged twice as the original price. (And don’t worry, there are toilets there if you’re worried about peeing and pooping.)



Final Groupie before leaving the place


It was a great experience for us. We did enjoy the summer heat, the salty water, the fresh air and of course, the time we had together without thinking about work. Heading back to Manila, we were surely all tired and we passed out inside the van. It was surely an amazing and adventurous day.

Our possible next stop: Baler, Philippines.









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