Afraid to Lose You

March 17, 2016  9:57am

In the midst of the day, I caught myself dreaming,
slowly drifting away to the memories of yesterday;
to the time when you and I were walking hand in hand
in the middle of a big crowd, looking at each other
from time to time. I wanted to stop the clock from
ticking; I wanted to freeze the moment and instill it
in my heart and in my mind.

I am scared to let go of your hand- your big, soft hand
that always made me feel that I am safe. But what if
you're the one to let go of mine? If you walk away from
me, will I be able to see you again? Or should I watch
you slowly fading away as you turned your back on me?
I'm so afraid that one day, I'll be losing you. I'll be
losing the guy who snatched my heart, the guy who made 
me flustered all the time, the guy who made me feel
complete. I am so afraid.

I should ran away from these destructive thoughts that
devouring my heart, little by little. These trail of fears
and sadness that darkened the path that lead me to you.
I have to wake up, let our a deep sigh, and scream to the
world that you... You who lights up my life and bring
joy to my heart is mine. I should not be afraid for you
are mine.

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