Perfectly Imperfect

Hi there!

So, how did I end up here in and created my own page and ambitiously starts a blog? I don’t know either. I might be insane when I signed up here, or maybe I was bored that time of the day and I was unaware that I am creating a blog of my own (again!). Hahaha! ¬†Kidding aside, this is the nth blog that I made (I already deleted those I had before.). Who inspires me to start again? Well, none other than Me, myself and I. Hehehe!

I always love writing¬†since I was in grade school. I joined the School paper org, both in grade school and high school. And whenever there’s an exam, the essay part was my fav’rite part. Weird, aren’t I? I love writing anything i.e short stories, poems, articles, scripts, and whatnot because that’s where I pour out all my feelings and emotions (though sometimes it just comes from my wild-but-not-so-wild imagination). And yeah, I do admit I’m not good especially in English. My works are either grammatically incorrect, or the words I used are terrible. I’m so insecure with those writers who have endless vocabularies like how water flows in the river. Yeah, I suck. I totally suck. I’m so afraid with those grammar nazis hiding out there laughing at me, criticizing my work. I felt like hiding in the corner of my four-walled room, sulking in the dark, waiting for the earth to swallow me. But then I realized, why should I care about those nazis? I write to express myself, not to impress anyone. And like a real human being, I commit mistakes, I’m not perfect.

From this day onward, I promised myself to write (just write or draw anything that comes to mind) without restricting myself. I would just write, write, write and write until I get better and better. So guys, please bear with me.



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